The vision is to become preferred partner to Architects and Landscape Architects in supplying intelligent solutions where thoughts on use, quality and material are significant in the development of products. 

We have high ambitions when it comes to bringing durability, recycling and maintenance into account as completely natural parameters, when Sweden needs furniture for public spaces. 

In addition, we will continue working with concepts such as customer experiences, multi-functionality and nudging.

In other words, Smart City, Safe City and Sensible City in public and semi-urban spaces are our first thoughts in the morning when we wake up and often the last thing on our mind before we go to bed at night.

The close cooperation with our partners, not only enables us to provide customers with new cutting edge exterior and new design, made from both newly developed materials or traditional materials such as thermal wood and steel. It also secures the Architects, Landscape Architects, Builders and Owners with special requests are in the very best of hands.