The assortment from Danish Urban Elements is produced and supplied for urban spaces where people meet.

They provide a comprehensive range of classic and modern street furniture, handcrafted at their own Danish production facilities as well as from selected European suppliers.

Urban Elements take pride in both workmanship and material and the materials are both sustainable and have a long life span with minimal maintenance.
In addition to their own production and some commercial trademarks Urban Elements is the supplier we contact when we, in close cooperation with architects, and landscape architects create bespoke solutions or customize existing products - also in small numbers!

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Tulip Bord-bænk.pdf
Urban Basic.pdf
Urban Eclipse.pdf
Urban BBQ_grill.pdf
Urban Trend.pdf
Urban Eclipse.pdf
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Urban reflection.pdf
If you are anxious to know more about materials and processes and why we have chosen like we have, you can see much more in Materials and Processes.
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