Polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic, synthetic material based on mineral oil. We primarily use MDPE, which is of medium hardness, suitable for large items with a high level of rigidity and durability. This solid-coloured material is typically 6-10mm thickUnlike wood PE contains no moisture and unlike steel, it does not feel hot or cold

PE fades minimally when exposed to sunlight (UV level 7-8 out of 10) and is not affected by wind and weather. It is easy to clean and maintenance-free.

Cleaning is best carried out with ordinary cleaning agents, wheel rim cleaner (Autoglym Clean Whells) and/or ideally: high-pressure cleaners. After cleaning the surface can be polished with e.g. dashboard cleaner.

PE is 100% recyclable since it can be ground up and remoulded.

PE cannot be set alight by cigarettes, matches or lighters, but only using gas burners. Combustion gives off CO2 and H2O.

Application temperatures range from -20 to 80 degrees Celsius.


PE undergoes a rotational moulding process, in which the solid-coloured raw material (PE powder) is measured and poured into a steel- or aluminium mould. The mould is heated to around 270 degrees and rotates around its axis for typically 20-40 minutes, after which it cools for around 40-60 minutes. After another 10 minutes the mould is opened and the finished object can be removed. As it cools it is kept under pressure order to achieve the ideal shape. Mould lines are trimmed to get the object ready for wrapping. The entire process takes roughly one hour per object.


out-sider offers an extensive programme of PE products including Loop Family, Polygon, Boa, DaliLips, Satellite, FitStation, FitCone, Cloverleaf, Lava and Shark.